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    The highs and lows of working in law enforcement brings a lot of emotions but can also bring turmoil, tragedy and near death experiences. I have met many people during my tenure in law enforcement and I have also lost some special people to death and destruction.  This is a job that should not be taken lightly. I have been shot at, held a dying child in my arms and supported families financially, spiritually, and motivationally - giving words of encouragement.


    In 2003, while I was working for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, I was on my way to church when I received a call from the Lincoln County Sheriff Department that a turkey was found dead on someone’s property. It was a normal call so I followed regular procedures. When I arrived at the home of the resident, there was a dead turkey, so I put on gloves and removed the dead turkey from the property.


    Several days later I got this feeling in my body that something was wrong!  My chest began hurting “tightening up” and I was experiencing flu-like symptoms. So, after being convinced to go to the doctor, I was treated for pneumonia. After days of taking antibiotics, the pain did not go away it became more excruciating. I was convinced to go to the emergency room and this time I was admitted to King Daughters Medical Center to be treated for pneumonia. My body was reacting and not responding to the medicine.  Instead of getting better my condition worsened.  After a week in KDMC, I was transported to the Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. I was treated as a critical care patient.

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