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Willie J. _Meeka_ Gayten Sr. for Lincon County Sheriff.png

My Motto:
A Sheriff that will Serve and Protect All the People of Lincoln County!

Four point plan to improve our Lincoln County Law Enforcement


Communication to be truthful, transparent, informative, be a good listener, be attentive, be sympathetic, and also be empathetic and patient. We will develop a Lincoln County Webpage that will include an email address so that citizens can voice their concerns, to inform , to assist and to help the communities of Lincoln County.

Serve and Protect

Serve and protect with integrity, professionalism, and accountability.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with our citizens, local police department, state officials and other law enforcement agencies.

Build Confidence and Trust

Build confidence and trust between the people of Lincoln County and the local law enforcement agencies and also to restore confidence back in our law enforcement agencies.

All of this simply means - COMMUNITY POLICING


My reasons for running for Sheriff of Lincoln County is to make our entire county a safe place to live and to hold those accountable for their actions.

How? I want to focus on making the community a safe environment by serving and protecting all the people through policing and community engagement, fighting crime, communicating with the local clergy to help curve and reduce crime while supporting local law enforcement “Faith and Blue”. I will work on all aspects of community involvement to prevent anarchy and promote peace and unity in the community. Address mental health issues that also contribute to criminal behavior, implement programs in communities with faith and blue between churches and law enforcement working harmoniously together to combat crime while protecting peace and unity in the community. 

Gayten for Sheriff - 2.png

Be Fair and Honest

Treat citizens with dignity and respect while also supporting the community with integrity and commitment.

Be Vigilant and Visible

My staff and I will secure and protect roadways, highways, neighborhoods, and businesses.

A Department Accountable to the Citizens Through Collaboration

We will help the city eradicate criminal activity and conditions that have a detrimental impact upon public safety. Continue training for Deputies, jailers, 911 operators, and my administrative staff.

Collaborative Work With Other Departments

My staff and I will work alongside the Board of Supervisors, the Board of Alderman, and the Youth Court System to designate an area to house our juveniles who break the law

Safer Jail Environment

We will strive to make sure our jail is a safe environment for our jail staff and our offenders.

My Goals as the next
Lincoln County Sheriff:

A city/county wide goal of mines as the Sheriff of Lincoln County would be to help reshape the minds our youths, help parents save their children and help the city/county of Brookhaven/Lincoln County restore its motto of Homeseekers Paradise is to build or designate an a “Juvenile Detention Center/Facility”

This center/facility would include:

  • An area to house up to 40 juveniles

  • Fully secured with certified staff and security cameras

  • An area for males – male pod

  • An area for females – female pod

  • Each area with an observation room that will allow officers to have visuals on juveniles with special needs or is a danger to himself/herself or others

  • Visitation area/room

  • Medial review by a licensed medical professional 

  • Recreational area

  • Educational opportunities by the city or county school officials

  • Work with mental health agencies to assist juveniles’ needs 

  • Re-entry program back into the community

  • Volunteer work

  • Job placement skills 

  • Chaplin

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